News from the IMEKO Secretariat


The "How to Organise TC Events" document is renewed and is available in the "downloads" section.
For event organisers, the forms necessary for the event  (version 2022) are available in the downloads section.
These are:  Application form, Contract agreement, Outline budget and financial plan and Report on the organisation.
Please turn to the Secretariat if you need any assistance 

  • The 66th General Council Sessions on the 27-28 August in Berlin, Germany, were well attended and successful.
    More information on the event will be available in the next newsletter, in the September issue.

  • The GC report are available on request from the Secretariat

  • The Presidential Board will continue with its monthly meeting, the next one will be on the 18th of September.

  • Technical Committee 2, dedicated to Photonics, would welcome members.