Research on Measurement Performance Change of Water Meter in Use Based on Multi-stage Sampling Inspection

Liu Yajie, Tian Peng, Liu Yizai, Zhang Yuanming
Water meter measurement data is the basis for users to pay water bills, sewage charges and some enterprises to pay water collection fees, the national administrative departments of measurement of water meters to implement the cycle of calibration, the use of the deadline, the expiration of the rotation of management. Because of the high cost of replacing a large number of water meters, and disassembly will affect the normal production and life of water, so there are still a large number of water meters have exceeded the rotation cycle but still in use. The lack of measurement and testing data for water meters in long-term use in the industry is likely to cause cost disputes between users and water companies, and is not conducive to the water authorities' accurate measurement of the quotas for water users in their jurisdictions, or to the enterprises' accurate accounting of water costs and revenues. At present, most of the domestic residential water meters in use are rotary-wing water meters and screw-wing water meters, and through sorting out the two types of water meters in use in a city, researching the sampling plan, implementing multi-stage sampling and testing, and obtaining statistics on the metering performance of 1920 water meters of various years of use, various specifications and various frequencies of use with a sample capacity of 1920 units. The positive offset and negative offset ratio were compared horizontally. Combined with the characteristics of water meter structure, working principle and error generation mechanism, the analysis was carried out to determine the specific stage of the life cycle of each type of water meter. Water companies, water end-users, and water extraction enterprises can grasp the qualification rate and indicated value error of their water meters based on the research results, which can facilitate the development of disassembly and calibration or rotation plans. The administrative department in charge of metering can refer to the research results and revise the cycle inspection or rotation time in the relevant metering technical regulations with the current economic development. Therefore, the research results have high application value.
Metrology; Measurement performance change; Multistage sampling method; Water meter in use
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19th International Flow Measurement Conference 2022

Chongqing, CHINA
01 November 2022 - 04 November 2022