TC11 -Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification - About

A new IMEKO TC11 has been recently established with an idea to cover the horizontal activities of Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) Industry, such as the overall quality of measurement required to support the demands of the compliance requirements where several technical fields along with cross cutting quality and highly scientific decision making skills are required.

 The assurance of safety and quality of life is increasingly dependent on the critical multi-disciplined testing and inspection work done by Industry, Laboratories, Inspection and other Conformity Assessment Bodies. Conformity operations made worldwide rely on measurement to prove compliance of products or services to requirements. These operations have a huge economic and social impact, requiring the use of technology, highly accurate equipment, validated methods and skilled personnel.

 Accreditation has today a major role in the relation between Laboratories and Industries, being connected with the growing dynamics of markets and expectations of citizens and consumers, supporting regulation and governance, and developing techniques to ensure traceability and quality of measurement methods able to comply with new technologies, materials and processes.

 The main aim of the newly established TC11 is to be focused on the development of knowledge in “Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification” to support Safety & Quality. This will be achieved by bridging the different fields of measurement knowledge from: Academia, Research Institutes (public and private), National Metrology Institutes, Industry, Laboratories, Conformity Assessment Bodies, Manufacturers and other Stakeholders. The major outcome should be to promote Research, Development & Innovation (R&D&I), capacity building and knowledge transfer in this cross cutting field. The goals related to Safety and Quality of products, services and processes and embodies a broad set of fields of interest for the TIC community, namely:

 Market surveillance
Standardization and terminology
Conformity assessment
Reference materials
Risk assessment
Certification (products, QMS, persons)
Regulatory framework
TQM (Total Quality Management)
(Quality) Management systems - QMS
LIMS and Data management
Digital transition
Proficiency testing
EMM (Monitoring and Measurement Equipment) 

The new TC11 is intended to be one of the major players in bridging the Stakeholders by providing solutions to many Scientific and Technological challenges of Industries and Manufacturers, supporting the development of Governance and Regulation frameworks, disseminating new methods and their validation, promoting cooperation with Accreditation, Inspection and Certification providers, and contributing to increase measurement accuracy as key for confidence in the growing #DigitalSingleMarket.

 The new IMEKO TC11 is a platform for new ideas and will open the door for potential cooperation with other IMEKO TCs in studying problems and performing joint activities, contributing thus to IMEKO strategic objectives for continuous development and improvement. Everybody who is interested to join to the new TC11 and is willing to contribute to its aims is very welcome.