TC14 - Measurement of Geometrical Quantities - Aims

The Technical Committee 14 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC14) was established in 1980.

The aim of TC14 is to promote in theory, fundamental research and application the development of measurement technologies for Product-Inspection, Process-Control and Quality Management.

Main fields of interests are:

  • Dimensional Metrology in Production
    • Sensor and Components for Geometrical Quantities
    • Calibration and Testing Methods for Measurement and Manufacturing Devices (CMMs, Machine Tools, Robotics)
    • Micro- and Nano-Metrology
    • Surface Texture and its Micro Characteristics
    • Pre-, In- and Post-Process Measurement
    • Optical Measurement Techniques
    • Machine Vision
    • Gear Measurement Techniques
    • Test Planning
  • Laser Metrology for Precision Measurement
    • Laser-Interferometry e.g.: Absolute-Interferometry, Holographic-Interferometry, Speckle-Interferometry, Whitelight-Interferometry
    • Laser-Triangulation-Techniques e.g.: Point Triangulation, Fringe Projection, Theodolite Measuring Systems, Photogrammetry, MoirĂ© Measuring Techniques
    • Laser Radar
    • Focus Sensing Techniques e.g.: Auto Focus Sensors
    • Laser Applications e.g.: length-, position-, angle-, form-measurement
    • 3D-Geometry Measurement in Macro geometry and Micro geometry
  • Quality-Management
    • Quality-Methods and Strategies e.g.: Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Design of Experiments (DoE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc.
    • Quality Control Loops, Quality Indices, Quality Costs
    • Quality-Circles, Continuous-Quality-Improvement
    • Quality-Database, Quality-Data-Exchange, Knowledge based Quality-Methods
    • Total-Quality-Management (TQM)