TC20 - Measurements of Energy and Related Quantities - Aims

Mission and Objectives

IMEKO TC20 was re-established in May 2010 with its new objective of providing an international forum of effective collaboration in Energy Measurement and energy-related metrology. It is the aim of the new IMEKO TC20 to bring the latest developments and achievements in measurement and traceability of all kinds of energy, energy efficiency as well as of related physical quantities and relevant substance properties to the IMEKO community, to facilitate the necessary cutting-edge research, addressing respective industrial needs and to make the results public.

Scope and fields of activity

IMEKO TC20 organizes regularly international events on energy measurement and standards and fundamental research in this field. It will closely cooperate with other IMEKO TCs and international organizations and committees that are involved in energy-related measurements and standards.

Fields of activity

1. Measurement in energy generation

  • Measurements and standards for new and improved power plant technologies
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell related measurements
  • Measurement and standards of BioFuel properties and amounts
  • Measurement and standards for solar cells and solar-thermal energy conversion
  • Measurement and traceability in wind-energy conversion
  • Measurement for geothermal energy conversion
  • Measurement and standards for next generation nuclear power plants
  • Measurement and traceability in distributed energy harvesting

2. Measurement and standards for energy transmission and storage

  • Distributed measuring systems for smart electrical grids (including HVDC)
  • Smart gas distribution grids and calorific-value reconstruction
  • Properties of energy gases and fuels (including LNG)
  • Measurement and standards for batteries and E-mobility

3. Measurement for energy savings, metering and billing

  • Measurement of energy efficiency of buildings and industrial plants
  • Measurement and standards for solid-state lighting
  • Measurement for energy savings in electronic devices and electrical machines
  • Smart metering and billing