TC22 - Vibration Measurement - Aims


The objective of TC22 is to provide metrologists in the field of shock and vibration with an international forum for scientific information exchange. Thereby it promotes the latest developments and achievements in the field and enables researchers to do their work more effectively.


The title of TC22 “Vibration Measurement” is meant to enclose the the measurement of the dynamic quantities displacement, velocity and acceleration not only if encountered in a periodic form, but also as static or transient measurands (e.g. shock). The motion sensed may be translational as well as rotational (angular vibration). The areas of scientific interest are best explained by the collection of keywords below.


  • calibration and precision measurement

  • Excitation devices, calibration systems

  • Vibration sensors, Vibration measuring devices

  • single- and multi-axial vibration

  • instrumentation for vibration measurement (conditioners, amplifiers, digitizers, etc.)

  • signal processing methods

  • written standards and regulations

  • uncertainty of measurement

  • dynamics of interacting systems

  • dynamics of acceleration related quantities

  • metrological aspects of applications (e.g. modal analysis, condition monitoring, etc.)

  • scientific and technical issues of intercomparisons

  • promotion of technical cooperation