TC6 - Digitalization - About

The aim of the TC is to develop, organise and disseminate fundamental concepts of measurement science that relate to digitalisation and digital transformation in science, industry, and society.

The TC promotes the accumulation and curation of knowledge, in a variety of forms, relating to digitalisation of measurement methodologies and measurement outcomes. Its purpose is to provide a robust body of knowledge to support digital transformation when measurement is involved.

The multidisciplinary nature of digitalisation is expected to overlap with the interests of other IMEKO groups, so TC6 will encourage collaborations and joint activities with other TCs.

 Areas of current interest to the TC include:

  • Digital representation and use of metrological information
    • digital representations of physical quantities and units of measurement
    • digital representations of measurement error, uncertainty and models
    • digital representation of measurement scale types and associated data
    • computations with physical quantities
    • information retrieval and knowledge representations (semantics, ontologies, etc.)
  • Digital transformation in the quality infrastructure
    • digitalisation in legal metrology and the quality infrastructures
    • metrology for the quality assessment and validation of algorithms and software
    • digital calibration, testing, and inspection certificates
    • principles and technologies for remote monitoring and remote calibration
    • digital infrastructures and technologies for interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency testing
  • Digital transformation in traceability
    • digital representation of metrological traceability
    • metrological traceability in digital shadows, digital models and digital twins
    • metrological traceability in the Internet of Things
  • Metrology for digitalisation and digital technologies in industry and science
    • application of FAIR principles to measurement data (metadata, data quality, etc.) and the role of metrology for FAIR data
    • decision making in autonomous digital measurement systems
    • infrastructures for and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • metrology for industry 4.0
    • digital sensor networks and systems metrology
    • cybersecurity and network communication
    • digital metrology for additive manufacturing
    • augmented and virtual reality in metrological applications