TC9 - Flow Measurement - About

IMEKO TC9 has about 30 members from 27 countries.

The first IMEKO Conference on Flow Measurement - FLOMEKO - took place 1978 in the Netherlands.  The 11th, from 12 to 14 May 2003 returned to the same place, Groningen, 25 years later. But FLOMEKO is very international, conferences took also place in Africa (South Africa), America (Brazil), Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Australia, and Europe (Germany, Hungary, Sweden, UK). These conferences cover not only the measurement of the quantity of flowing fluids and gases, even energy, but also calibrations and calibration facilities, traceability issues, custody transfer, quality control of measurement facilities, uncertainty, laboratory tools, instrumentation, numerical simulation, flow visualisation, flow conditioning, practical experience with existing measuring methods, and specific metering principles, e.g. turbine meters, ultrasonic meters, orifice plates, etc.