TC2 - Photonics - Aims

The aim of TC2 is to promote Modern Optical Measuring Techniques in its development (theory, bases and application), which are based on the Detection and/or Observation of an Interaction of Photons or Electromagnetic Radiation with an Item under test.

Main fields of interests are:

    Emphasis of the Measuring Procedures

  • Spectroscopy (Fluorescence, Raman, etc).
  • Interferometry (White-Light and Laser-Interferometry, Speckle, OCT, etc.)
  • Modulating Techniques (Pulse, Doppler, FM etc.)
  • Structured Illumination Techniques
  • Image Sensing (Camera-Based Sensors)
  • Confocal Measurements
  • Wave Front Sensors
  • Deflectometric Measurement

    Emphasis of the Development

  • Miniaturization of Optical Measurement Systems (e.g. Integrated Optical Systems, Fibre-Optical Sensors, Laser Sensors)
  • Multi-Sensorial Systems
  • Intelligent and Self-Inspecting Systems
  • Scalable Systems
  • Fibre Optics and Photonic Crystals
  • New Light Sources and Detectors
  • Simulation and optic design

    Emphasis of the Application Fields

  • Life Science (Medicine, Environment, Pharmacy , Biology, Food etc.)
  • Production Technology
  • IT-Systems
  • Traffic

    General Interest

  •     Comparison of Optical Systems in Competition with other Measuring Techniques