TC24 - Chemical Measurements - Aims

The goal of TC24 is to connect experts and to ensure international interchange of opinions and experiences in the field of chemical measurements. Our main areas of interest are:

  1. Inter-laboratory and proficiency testing schemes, "traceability" of the assigned value
  2. Measurement traceability in conformity assessment
  3. Traceability of chemical measurements in the health sector
  4. Traceability of on-site measurements
  5. Metrological needs and requirements (reference materials, reference methods, calibration, etc.)
  6. Chemical metrology in industry
  7. QA in analytical measurements
  8. Requirements for equipment, confirmation of accuracy, and suitability
  9. Remote measurements
  10. Metal speciation analyses
  11. Measurements for corrosion assessment
  12. Measurements for cultural heritage
  13. Measurements for Forensic Chemistry
  14. Instrumentation and Equipment
  15. Traceability of environmental measurements in different matrices (water, soils, sediments, etc) at regulation limits levels