TC24 - Chemical Measurements - Talks

IMEKO Talks on Chemical Measurements
Date: 26th May 2023

Event: 45-minute Discussion Club IMEKO Talks on Chemical Measurements
Organised by: IMEKO TC24 “Chemical Measurements”
Topic: Sampling of plant origin food for the pesticide residues determination

Date and time: 26th May 2023, 1 p.m. (CET)


Fee: free of charge for participants

Moderators:  Iva Sabljak, Mirela Grubelić


Short description of the discussion topic:   

The method of sampling plant commodities for the determination of pesticide residues has been established. The purpose of the method was compliance assessment of fruit and vege-table samples taken in primary production with the requirements of EU Regulation 396/2005.The sampling protocol was designed to overcome the problem of high variability of pesticide content in berries grown in large orchards. Two samplers sampled strawberries in eight fields. The fully ripe berries were selected by walking a W shape through each field. A duplicate sample was taken for each field in a way that represented the variation that could occur due to the ambiguities in sampling protocol. The pesticide content in the sam-ples was determined by a standard accredited method in accordance with HRN EN 15662:2018. The reproducibility of the sampling was calculated from the obtained results and the measurement uncertainty was estimated.


Briefly about the moderator:

Iva Sabljak

Graduated and obtained master's degree in food engineering on measurement of portion of lactose during fermentation of milk. Currently is finishing PhD study in the field of Sustanaible concept of beetroot by-products valorization using non-thermal techniques.
Employed as Laboratory Advisor and Quality Manager in Eurofins Croatiakontrola d.o.o. Active in the field of the food analysis and quality management.

Mirela Grubelić

Graduated in medical biochemistry and received a master's degree in the field of biology - toxicology. Employed as Head of the Food Department in Eurofins Croatiakontrola d.o.o. Active in the field of the analysis of pesticide residues, mycotoxins and plant toxins, food additives etc.



Important: It is not intended as education. This will be the discussion of people with a similar level of knowledge.





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12th April 2022
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