TC24 - Chemical Measurements - Talks

IMEKO Talks on Chemical Measurements
Date: 21st February 2023

Event: 45-minute Discussion Club IMEKO Talks on Chemical Measurements
Organised by: IMEKO TC24 “Chemical Measurements”
Topic: Quality control for GCMS analysis data related to essential oils composition

Date and time: 21st February 2023, 1 p.m. (CET)


Fee: free of charge for participants

Name and surname of the moderator:  Katarina Hafner-Vuk  


Short description of the discussion topic:   

 The composition of essential oils is usually determined by means of GCMS or GCMS and GC-FID techniques for the identification and/or quantification of individual compounds. Respecting the high volatility of relevant compounds in essential oils obtained by hydro-distillation, the (semi)quantitative composition is most often given as percent area of individual peaks in relation to the total area of the peaks on the chromatogram, given as 100%. Compounds of the greatest interest are additionally quantified using calibration curves obtained on the basis of the response of pure components - reference standards. In this sense, it is difficult to quantify the measurement uncertainty, that is, the overall quality of the results due to the influence of the sample matrix. In this presentation, an alternative method for quantifying compounds from interest as well as budgeting measurement uncertainty based on the standard addition technique is offered, which enables the quantification of bias originating from sample matrix and the overall method. Practical example for calibration and measurement uncertainty assessment includes compound neryl acetate from Helichrysum italicum hydro-distilled essential oil samples from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Briefly about the moderator:

Graduated and obtained master's degree in chemical engineering on gas chromatography techniques, and is currently finishing PhD studies in the field of analysis of the composition and antimicrobial properties of essential oils and their other health benefits. Employed as Head of the Laboratory for Chemistry at the Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Active in the field of the analysis of gaseous, liquid and solid biofuels and fuels, analysis of organic and inorganic pollutants in environmental samples, nutritional supplements, geological samples, etc. 



Important: It is not intended as education. This will be the discussion of people with a similar level of knowledge.





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